May 9th, 2007 by dMdC Photography

Hey all!  Welcome to my little bubble that I like to call “Desiree World”.  My passion has always been photography….since way back in high school when my dad gave me his Mamiya 35mm camera and it was uphill from there.  Sure, I’ve veered off the path of few times but I’ve always come back to photography and I think I’m here to stay.  My crazy and outrageous personality seems to suit the wedding buisness just fine (ok, maybe some might argue this point but at least I manage to always entertain myself, lol!) I seriously have the coolest job in the world, well maybe next to being President but hey that could be my next job…the White House wouldn’t know what hit it!

Hope you enjoy my crazy adventures, my insane friends and family and of course my most amazing couples and kids!