Kathleen & Anthony

May 25th, 2009 by dMdC Photography

My first wedding to kick off the summer season could not have been better. Kathy and Anthony are the kind of people you just love hanging out with.  Except for Anthony on Sunday’s…he’s not a Giants fan. :)Not only is Kathy a sweetheart but dang, the woman is GOR-GE-OUS!  Their wedding was held at a new venue for me, Marina del Rey in da Bronx and they did such an amazing job there plus the view is amazing!  Once the reception started, I don’t think Kathy and Anthony ever stopped dancing and I still want to know what was in the blue thermos! lol BIG thanks to Bill Wang for second shooting and keeping me company.  Kathy & Anthony- have an unbelievable time in Turks and Caicos and when you get back we’ll go grab a few beers at Barney McNabb’s!

kathy & anthony

kathy and anthony 2

kathy & anthony 3

kathy & anthony 4

kathy & anthony 5

kathy & anthony 6

kathy & anthony 8

kathy & anthony 7

kathy & anthony 9

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Kylie Lynn is 6 months old!

May 17th, 2009 by dMdC Photography

kylie 1

kylie 2

kylie 3

kylie 4

kylie 5

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NYC through the eye of a fish

May 7th, 2009 by dMdC Photography

nyc 1

nyc 2

nyc 3

nyc 4

nyc 5

nyc 7

nyc 10

nyc 11

nyc 12

nyc 13

nyc 14

nyc 15

nyc 16

nyc 19

nyc 20

nyc 21

nyc 23

nyc 24

nyc 26

nyc 27

nyc 28

nyc 29

nyc 30

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