Carli and Justin

April 28th, 2009 by dMdC Photography

This past Saturday I got to tag along with my good friend Danny of Danny Weiss Photography on one of his weddings.  We had a blast and I got a chance to work at one of my favorite venues, The Brownstone in Paterson.  They always do an amazing job and their food is fantastic (hello….the shrimp during cocktail hour is phe-no-me-nal)!  Danny’s clients were super sweet not to mention absolutely stunningly gorgeous.  Kinda made my job a bit easy.  😉

cj 4

cj 6

cj 16

cj 7

cj 8

cj 1

cj 3

cj 9

cj 11

cj 2

cj 13

cj 14

cj 10

cj 12

cj 15

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New Jersey Wedding Photographers

April 25th, 2009 by dMdC Photography

You must, must, must go check out the brand new New Jersey Wedding Photographers website that lists the best of the best photogs around Jersey.  Ummm, ya….I’m kinda listed. 🙂

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Citi Field 4.13.09

April 15th, 2009 by dMdC Photography

citi field 1

my brother and me…..

citi 9

citi 2

citi 3

citi 4

citi 5

citi 6

citi 7

citi 8

1st homerun in Citi Field courtesy of David Wright….

citi 10

the new homerun apple………..

citi 11

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Happy Birthday to my Bro!

April 13th, 2009 by dMdC Photography

Today is my big brother’s birthday and being the unbelievably amazing sister that I am, I am taking him to opening day for the NY Mets and Citi Field.  To say that we are slightly excited would be an understatement….holy crap, we can’t freakin wait!  Anyway, Joe….I hope you are gifted with an amazing year filled with nothing but happiness.  By the way, the new Giants stadium opens up September of 2010….I wouldn’t mind some tickets to that for my birthday.  That ain’t no hint, its a demand.  🙂

joe & me

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Opening Day

April 5th, 2009 by dMdC Photography

Well it has finally arrived, the best day of the year next to my birthday and Christmas…..opening day for major league baseball.  The Cracker Jack boxes are being unpacked, peanuts are being roasted and the vendors are practicing their rythmic chants of “Get ya ice cold beer here”.  Before the first pitch is tossed out, baseball is absolute perfection.  The Mets have no errors, ERA’s are niiiiccceee and low, the bullpen has yet to collapse and giddiness over the thought that we will make it past the nightmares of past Septembers and make it to the Fall Classic.  Yes, for just one day… as a baseball fan couldn’t be better. 



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