Mexican Paradise….

March 31st, 2009 by dMdC Photography

So now that I have some downtime, I figured I can start posting some personal pics that I’ve been taking throughout the year.  Here are some of Hacienda Komchen tucked away in a small town called Motul in the Yucatan.  Its where I disappear to once or twice a year with a stack of books, my camera and some sunscreen.  No cable, no tv and no internet.  Just peace, quiet and some ice cold beer….perfection!

komchen 1
komchen 2

komchen 3


komchen 5

komchen 6

komchen 7

my room…..

komchen 8

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March 21st, 2009 by dMdC Photography

freya 1

freya 2

freya 3

freya 4

freya 5

freya 6

freya 7

freya 8

freya 9

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