June 29th, 2008 by dMdC Photography

josh 1

josh 2

josh 3

josh 4

josh 5

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June 28th, 2008 by dMdC Photography

s 1





s 6


s 8

s 9

s 10

s 11

my new buddy & me!

s 12

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Christina & Michael- Engaged (cameo by Oliver “Olie” the newly groomed dog)

June 22nd, 2008 by dMdC Photography

cm 1

cm 2

cm 3

cm 4

cm 5

cm 6

cm 7

cm 8

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Joe & Liz

June 22nd, 2008 by dMdC Photography

My cousin flew on a short leave from the Airforce and surprised us all with a wedding.  It was a beautiful small ceremony with just a few friends and family, including some four legged ones.  He’s only home for a short visit before heading back to sunny California.  I wish you guys a lifetime of happiness and Liz….take real good care of my cousin!

jl 1

jl 2

jl 3

jl 4

jl 5

jl 6

jl 7

me and my bro….

jl 8

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Raelyn & Steve- Engaged

June 14th, 2008 by dMdC Photography

sr 1

sr 2

sr 3

sr 4

sr 5

sr 15

sr 7

sr 16

sr 8

sr 13

sr 10

sr 11

sr 13

sr 14


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Christine & Avery…Engaged

June 13th, 2008 by dMdC Photography

ac 1

ac 2

ac 3

ac 4

ac 5

ac 6

ac 7

ac 8

ac 9

ac 10

ac 11

ac 12

ac 13

ac 14

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So Cal Wedding

June 12th, 2008 by dMdC Photography

You can’t beat flying out to California for the weekend to shoot a beautiful wedding with a friend.  It is especially awesome when said friend takes you to the best burger joint in the world, In-n-Out…, those burgers and fries are yummy!  Britney’s clients, Caryn and Warren were amazing!  We were cracking up all day long (no joke). We even got to do some pics on the beach (Manhattan beach no less) so I definitely got to experience a fantastic California wedding.  Thanks so much Britney for having me tag along, now its your turn to come out to hang on the east coast.  The only bad thing is that we only have McDonald’s or Burger King. You will still come, right? 🙂

cw 1

cw 2

cw 3

cw 4

cw 6

cw 5

cw 22

cw 23

cw 7

cw 24

cw 8

cw 9

cw 10

cw 11

cw 12

cw 13

cw 15

cw 14

cw 16

cw 17

cw 18

cw 19

cw 20

cw 2

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June 11th, 2008 by dMdC Photography

So this past weekend I headed west to shoot a wedding with my friend Britney of Turn Loose the Art (check out her site….she is soooo talented).  Its been so crazy busy since I’ve been back but I promise to post a lot of pics tomorrow.  The trip was AWESOME except for the flight home which took 9 hours due to bad thunderstorms in Newark, that part wasn’t a lot of fun.  🙁

Look a California surfer…they do exist!


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Movin’ to Mendham!!!

June 2nd, 2008 by dMdC Photography

I did it!  Signed the lease and packing up my samples……dMdC Photography has found a home!  Thanks to my friend Todd, my new office/meeting space is totally painted and ready to move in.  Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel are already sick of seeing me as I go there once or twice a day to get new stuff (I can’t help myself).  For those of you familiar with Mendham, I am right smack in the middle of the town right on Main Street USA.  I’m next door to the Mendham Garden Center and a few doors down from my favorite restaurant, The Black Horse Inn Pub (definitely try their steamed little neck clams and the crab cake….yummy).  13 West Main Street is the new address, I am around the back of the building…..hopefully I’ll be done decorating soon so everyone can come visit!

mendham 1

this is my building…I’m around back!

mendham 2

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