Trash the Dress

November 30th, 2007 by dMdC Photography

I am totally stoked!  My images from Mexico where picked for the Trash the Dress site.  The work that is chosen for the site is so amazing, you can’t imagine how excited that little ol’ me is now featured on there.  So whatcha waitin for?  Click on the link and go check it out!!!

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November 26th, 2007 by dMdC Photography

While I was in Mexico last week I got to do a bridal shoot that was soooooo much fun. My girl, Marisa was kind enough to climb trees, dive into tall grass, battle mosquitos and pray that snakes or scorpions did not come near her.  I am happy to report that she made it out alive and will be able to celebrate her birthday this week in one piece.  Marisa- gracias por aciendo esto para mi y espacialmente para sonrisando tanto!! (LOL)  Feliz cumpleanos!


m 2

m 4

m 3

m 14

m 5

m 6

m 7

m 8

m 9

m 10

m 11

m 12

m 13

m 15

m 16

m 17

m 18

m 19

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November 12th, 2007 by dMdC Photography

ea 1

ea 2

ea 3

ea 4

ea 5

ea 6

ea 7

ea 8


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Lucia & Daisy

November 11th, 2007 by dMdC Photography










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Family Pics………..

November 11th, 2007 by dMdC Photography

h 1

h 2

h 3

h 4

h 5

h 6

h 7

h 8

h 9

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Janine & Brian

November 10th, 2007 by dMdC Photography

Will write and post more of these tomorrow, just wanted to get a few pics up for Janine.

jb 1

jb 2

jb 3

jb 4

jb 5

jb 6

jb 7

jb 8

jb 9

jb 10

jb 11

jb 12

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Krista & Ray

November 9th, 2007 by dMdC Photography

I met Krista just after she got engaged to Ray last December and I can’t believe how quickly the time past! They had their wedding at one of my favorite places, The Madison Hotel.  Krista and Ray wanted to make sure that we got the pics done quickly since they didn’t want to miss too much and I totally understood.  But it became very clear once the music kicked in cuz these guys love to party, I think the only time they weren’t dancing was when they served dinner.  Thanks for the great time, guys!  I don’t think I have to tell you to have fun on your honeymoon. 🙂

 kr 1

kr 2

kr 14

kr 15

kr 16

kr 18

kr 19

kr 20

kr 10

kr 11

kr 12

kr 13

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Live Proposal

November 8th, 2007 by dMdC Photography

This was soooo cool!  Todd contacted me a few weeks ago to photograph him proposing to his now fiance, Sarah and I think I said “hell, ya”! Tonight couldn’t have been any more perfect.  Sarah thought they were going out for a nice dinner but Todd had a little more up his sleeve.  It was so awesome to photograph this amazing moment, now all their friends and family will be able to see it too.  Oh, before I forget……. she said “YES”.  Big congrats to both of you!

todd 1

todd 2

todd 3

todd 4

the bling…..

todd 5

todd 6

todd 7

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The Girls!!

November 5th, 2007 by dMdC Photography

I got to spend some time with these three little beauties on Sunday for their holiday portrait.  After many, many attempts, it seemed that maybe solo portraits would be the way to go.  They are each so gosh darn cute that they deserved their own moment in the spotlight. 

v 7

v 8

v 2

v 3

v 4

v 5

v 6

v 9

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Erinn & Jeremy E-Session

November 4th, 2007 by dMdC Photography

This morning I was off to Englewood to meet up with Erinn & Jeremy to soak up some sun over by the GW Bridge.  Talk about getting a perfect day for some sweet picture taking!  Their kids were kind enough to join us for a few pics, uhhh I mean their dogs.  I think my camera bored the dogs a bit but they were kind enough to pose for a few for me.  The three of us had a blast….these guys were totally up for anything, gotta luv it! 

ej 1

ej 2

Spanky…smilin for the camera

ej 3

ej 4

ej 5

ej 6

ej 7

ej 8

ej 9

ej 10

ej 11

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