Danielle & Christopher….e-session

September 30th, 2007 by dMdC Photography

Oh my gosh….these two are just the cutest things ever.  I could barely get these two to stop cracking up.  These guys have been together for 6 years and act like they just started dating last week.  Their wedding is in a few short weeks and I can’t wait, I’m thinking we’re going to have a good time. 😉

d 1

d 10

d 3

d 4

d 5

d 6

d 7

d 8

d 9

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Danielle & Richard

September 28th, 2007 by dMdC Photography

Picture perfect place, picture perfect day and a picture perfect couple.  Sooooo glad I’m a photographer! Danielle & Richard had their wedding at the very stunning Studio 450 in NYC that had the most amazing views.  My great friend and uber talented wedding photographer Scott B was kind enough to tag along with me and we had such a great time because Danielle and Richard were up for anything, including climbing to the roof for some sunset images.  Have a blast on your honeymoon guys can’t wait to see ya when you get back!!!

dr 1

 dr 2

dr 3

dr 4


dr 5

dr 6

dr 7

dr 8

dr 9

dr 10

dr 11

dr 12

 dr 13

dr 14


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Stephanie & Patrick

September 23rd, 2007 by dMdC Photography

When I tell you that Stephanie & Patrick’s wedding is one I will never forget, I ain’t lying!  I will talk about this wedding for the rest of my career as a wedding photographer.  You see, they had planned a beautiful ceremony on the beach….it was to be a perfect day, temps in the low 80’s and sunny.  All was fine up until the exchange of rings and then the skies opened up and decided we all needed a good shower (wish I had brought some shampoo).  It downpoured so hard that we were all soaked in a matter of minutes, plus we had to walk over the dunes to get to the cars, have you ever tried walking up dunes in the rain with heavy camera equipment?  Soooooo not fun.  We all managed to finally dry up a few hours later and the sun finally came out as promised.  Stephanie and Patrick are off on a honeymoon cruise today and all I ask is that they get lots and lots of beautiful weather!  Thanks for the memories! Have fun!!!!!!!!

steph 1

steph 2

steph 14

steph 4

steph 5

steph 10

steph 6

steph 11

steph 13

steph 7

steph 8

steph 9

steph 12


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Juliette-Craig’s B-DAY!!!

September 21st, 2007 by dMdC Photography

Just wanted to send a BIG shout out to my dear friend JC and wish her a happy birthday (her b-day is Saturday).  I feel so bad because she is going to be crying her eyes out all day since I won’t be able to celebrate her special day with her.  No worries, JC, I’ll come over soon enough and I’ll let you cook me dinner.  Hope you get lots and lots of presents and make sure you save me some cake! Love ya, girl!

jc 1

jc 2

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September 17th, 2007 by dMdC Photography

Lets just say that I am sooooooo not shy about mentioning to anyone who will listen that its my birthday.  Come to think of it, even if they don’t listen…I’m tellin them! This is a day late since I worked on my actual birthday so I’ve decided to extend my birthday this year a few more days.  I will still be accepting gifts to the end of the month so don’t be shy if you feel that you are late.  LOL.  Thanks to all my friends and family for all the cards and calls……you guys rock!


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Stacy & Michael

September 16th, 2007 by dMdC Photography

So today is my birthday (don’t worry, I’ll make a sweet little post about it) and I got to spend it with such an amazingly awesome couple!  They indulged me while I told everyone and their mother that it was my birthday.  I think at one point the guests might have thought that it was my birthday party instead of a wedding.  Stacy did such an amazing job of pulling together such a beautiful wedding.  No detail was spared.  It was held at the stunning Liberty House and wow…it is freakin beautiful!  My friend and fellow photographer Bill Wang was kind enough to join me and partake in the fun.  Stacy, your smile is infectious and the two of you are just perfect for one another.  A life time of happiness to my new found friends.  🙂

stacy 1

stacy 2

stacy 3

stacy 4

stacy 5

stacy 6

stacy 7

stacy 8

stacy 9

stacy 10

stacy 11

stacy 12

stacy 13

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Makiko & John

September 15th, 2007 by dMdC Photography

Makiko and I got along right from the start…you see, we both share the same birthday so it was meant to be that I photographed her and John’s wedding on the day before our b-day’s!!!  Makiko and John have impeccable taste so it was only fitting that they had their wedding at the gorgeous Highlawn Pavillion in West Orange.  Everything was perfect from all the details to the perfect weather!  It was amazing!  Have a great birthday today, Makiko!!!!

makiko 1

makiko 2

makiko 3

makiko 4

makiko 5

makiko 6

makiko 7

makiko 8

makiko 9

makiko 10

makiko 11

makiko 12

makiko 13

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September 2nd, 2007 by dMdC Photography

Truth be told, my mom and I are theater junkies.  We try and go at least once a month to see a show but with the crazy wedding season we haven’t gone in a while.  Yesterday I took her to see Wicked (I got her the tickets for her b-day back in May) and I must say, it was freakin GOOD!  Run out and get your tickets now since it takes forever and a day to get them.  And if anyone could hook me up with a couple of tickets to Jersey Boys, I would seriously be your best friend.

Our favorite way to go to Broadway-

wicked 1

Ralph Kramden “The Mayor” of the Port Authority

wicked 2

Lunch in the city!

wicked 3

No explanation needed-

wicked 4

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