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Welcome to the dMdC Photography Blog!!  Thanks for stopping by to check out the latest images from weddings, kids, engagements, pets, and on occasion a few photos from my personal memory card.  My life is all about taking pictures, hope you enjoy watching my journey through the lens of my camera.

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June 12, 2011

Charles was my first photography professor in college and to this day so many of his techniques and words of wisdom are still very much a part of who I am as a photographer and as a person.  This past Saturday I was honored to attend his retirement party....I haven't been his student in 21 years and yet it seems like just yesterday that I sat in many of his classes.  It was also wonderful to see students that I attended classes with all those years ago. How much they have changed and how much they have stayed the same.  Charles- I am a bit sad to hear that you are retiring but I wish you only the best on all your new adventures.  Thank you for having such an amazing impact on my life. 

dMdC Photography- Charles Luce 1


These are some fellow students that I shared a photographic journey of a tour of the Southwest (Arizona, Utah and Nevada) lead by Charles himself. My roomie on the left, Nancy and in the middle Susan.   

dMdC Photography- Charles Luce 2

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September 15, 2010

So anyone who knows me, knows I am not to shy about being excited about my birthday every year.  This year is no different!  I just think birthdays are fantastic....who doesn't like presents for pete's sake and going out with friends and family?  I can't believe I've made it through 4 decades (lets not talk about the big hair of the 80's), its been an amazing ride.  Now everyone go out and have a piece of cake for me!!

Desiree's B-Day

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